Training: Python Library Series

This course series is for people who have some experience coding in Python and would like to expand their capabilities to include popular libraries: Pandas, ElementTree, NLTK, NetworkX, and Altair. 

The series offers three, two-week courses that may be taken individually or in any combination. 

Course 1: Analysing Structured Data with Pandas and ElementTree. This course will cover how to analyse structured data (i.e. CSV, XML). 

Course 2: Text Analysis with NLTK. This course will cover how to analyse unstructured data (i.e. text).  

Course 3: Visualisation with NetworkX and Altair. This course will introduce network analysis and data visualisation. 

The courses will have four, one-hour, virtual tutorials on Mondays and Fridays.  Participants will receive an assignment in each Monday tutorial that the instructor will review in that week’s Friday tutorial.  Participants will complete assignments in Jupyter Notebooks.  The instructor will provide learning material from freely available, online, resources.  Each week, participants are expected to dedicate about seven hours to the tutorials, assignment, and learning material. 

The instructor will provide virtual office hours during all courses (a minimum of one hour per course; the instructor will confirm the hours available to book after registration ends).

This course will be hosted on Teams.


Course 1: 12th-23rd of October 

Monday 12th October: 10-11am

Friday 16th October: 10-11am

Monday 19th October: 10-11am

Friday 23rd October: 10-11am

Course 2: 2nd-13th of November

Monday 2nd November: 10-11am

Friday 6th November: 10-11am

Monday 9th November: 10-11am

Friday 13th November: 10-11am

Course 3: 30th November-11th December

Monday 30th November: 10-11am 

Friday 4th December: 10-11am

Monday 7th December: 10-11am

Friday 11th December: 10-11am 


Due to high demand for our training events, our cancellation and no-show policy applies to bookings for this event. Click here for details of this policy.

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