Cancellation and no-show policy for CDCS training events

Due to the high demand for our training events, we are introducing a cancellation and no-show policy.  

We understand that in these exceptional times, it is not always possible to stick to your plans. However, we ask that you are considerate of others: there are usually people on the waiting list that could attend instead. 

If at any point after you sign up you realise that you can no longer attend the training event, please cancel your place via the booking platform. This will give someone else a chance to take your place. In general, please do so at least 24 hours before the training event. 

In addition, there will now be a three-strike policy for no-shows (non-attendance without cancellation). 

  • On the first missed training session, nothing will happen but your absence will be noted. 
  • On the second missed training session, you will receive a notification that you have missed two training events.  
  • On the third missed training session, you will be put on our lower priority list.  This means when you sign up for training, you will be put into the waiting list by default and you will only be able to attend if a space becomes available 24 hours before the training event. You will remain on the lower priority list for the remainder of the current semester.

If you have any questions about this policy, please get in touch: