We support the development of effective infrastructure for digital and data-led research through creating learning and informational resources, providing pilot services services, and signposting to the wide range of services and resources available within the University of Edinburgh. 


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TEI Service

We have a specialised hosting service for TEI projects, using an XML database called eXist-db.  We can also provide licences for TEI-XML editors, and guidance on project workflows and infrastructure.  CDCS also hosts TEI by Example, which provides offers a series of freely available online tutorials walking individuals through the different stages in marking up a document in TEI (Text Encoding Initiative). Please get in touch to discuss your project requirements. 

omeka pilot

We are currently exploring the potential of offering Omeka, a free, flexible, and open source web-publishing platform which allows scholars to curate and display digital collections. If you would be interested in using this tool, please get in touch.

Guides to remote research

During the Covid-19 pandemic we curated a list of resources for conducting remote research using digital methods and resources. We also produced three guides for local researchers, focused on areas which were particularly impacted by having to pivot online: Archives collections and access; participatory research; public engagement and exhibitions. 

Self-Directed learning

We know that getting started in digital methods can be challenging, so we produce self-directed learning materials in the form of 'training pathways' for our community. These pathways lay out the steps and concepts beginners need to master new methodologies.

EFI Research Technology Service

Our team contributes to the EFI Research Technology Service, a virtual service that supports data-led research within the Edinburgh Futures Institute. More information coming soon.

EFI Research Support

The Edinburgh Futures Institute has a research support team that can provide guidance and assistance on strategic research grant applications. The team also offers funding and grants, and supports a variety of research clusters.

Research Data Service

The University of Edinburgh's Research Data Service provides a suite of services and tools, delivered by experts, with the aim of providing the tailored support researchers need throughout the research lifecycle. Whether researchers are creating new datasets or reusing existing data, the team can advise on how best to manage, store and share data. 

Digital Research Services

Digital Research Services  provides a single point of access to all of the data and computing services available to researchers at the University of Edinburgh.  A team of research facilitators can help researchers to identify the services that meet their needs, develop their digital research skills, scale up projects, clarify data and computing requirements, improve data management plans, and meet funder requirements. 


uCreate Studio is the University of Edinburgh’s digitally focussed community makerspace. Providing free access to a range of new and transformative technologies along with user support, training, specialist advice and guidance on their use. Supported activities include Computer Aided Design and Manufacture; Electronics and Programming; 3D Digitisation and Virtual and Augmented Reality. The uCreate Studio service is available for use by anyone within the University of Edinburgh community during staffed hours (10am – 8pm, Monday to Friday) following induction. 

uCreate also provides printing and specialist multimedia software and hardware, including Adobe Creative Suite and large format colour and 3D printers. Off-air recording and broadcast media archive service (Box of Broadcasts) are also available, which allows staff and students to record and catch-up on missed programmes on and off-campus, schedule recordings in advance, edit programmes into clips, create playlists, embed clips into VLEs, share what they are watching with others and search a growing archive of material.

Gale Digital Scholar Lab

Gale Digital Scholar Lab is an online tool for collecting data sets comprised of content from the University of Edinburgh's Gale Primary Sources purchases. These data sets can be analysed using open-source text analysis and visualization tools built into the Digital Scholar Lab. Tools included are Ngram, Topic Modelling (Mallet), Named Entity Recognition,  Parts of Speech (SpaCy), Sentiment Analysis (OpenNLP), Clustering (SciKit) and Term Frequencies (Lucene).

Digital Curation Centre

The Digital Curation Centre (DCC) is an internationally-recognised centre of expertise in digital curation with a focus on building capability and skills for research data management. The DCC provides expert advice and practical help to research organisations wanting to store, manage, protect and share digital research data. Many research teams are aware of data curation and its numerous benefits, but few have so far managed to address the issues practically and effectively in a working environment. The DCC is committed to bridging this gap by sharing knowledge and experience with research organisations internationally.

Data Lab

The Data Lab is Scotland’s innovation centre for data and AI, helping Scotland to maximise value from data and lead the world to a data-powered future. Through hubs in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness, The Data Lab fosters innovation through collaboration, builds skills and grows talent, and champions Scotland’s data science community. They act as a catalyst, using their expertise, network, funding and platform to change how Scotland (and the world) innovates with data.