Training: Introduction to Text Encoding with TEI

* Please bring your own laptop / device to this workshop *

This is a beginners workshop for those who are curious about the fundamentals of text encoding using XML with TEI, for research applications.

Taking a hands-on approach to getting started with markup, the workshop will cover basic terms and functions, as well as which types of software and programmes are available, and the benefits or drawbacks of using TEI for your projects. This training is geared towards helping participants become self-reliant TEI learners, and we'll go over troubleshooting, reading the TEI guidelines, and data management.

The session would suit anyone with little to no prior knowledge of text encoding, or those who may be familiar with tags and encoding in other contexts (such as geotagging or HTML) but who would like to know more about TEI itself or have a chance to talk through research ideas. There will be time to brainstorm and work independently – or collaborate with others – at the end of the workshop.


Digital Scholarship Centre

Digital Scholarship Centre, 6th floor
Main Library 
University of Edinburgh 
Edinburgh EH8 9LJ

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