Training: Statistics and Visualisation with R

* Please note that this course will proceed with attendees taking part remotely.

Please book your place at ALL EIGHT sessions by 6 April - an email will be sent on this date providing details of setup requirements and relevant links for taking part in the course. *

This course will give you an introductory overview to basic techniques for visualising your data with R, as well as statistical techniques for analysing your dataset.

Participants will learn how to enter and modify data in R, and how to create visualisations including the main graph typologies available depending on the type of variables (charts, scatter plots, and histograms, etc.). Participants will also get an overview of the main tests, corrections and basic statistical concepts required in order to analyse your data.

No previous knowledge of programming or statistics is needed. Datasets used as course materials will contain test data, but you are more than welcome to discuss your own dataset and analysis with the rest of the class.  

Topics covered: Installing R on your computer; Using the built-in datasets; Importing data; Creating bar/ pie charts for categorical variables; Creating histograms/ box plots for quantitative variables; Calculating frequencies & descriptives; Transforming variables; Coding missing data; Analysing by subgroup; Charts for associations; Calculating correlations; Charts & statistics for three or more variables; Crosstabs for categorical variables.

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