Spatial Data Visualisation: Advanced Techniques in QGIS

This two session workshop will cover the basics of producing good spatial data visualisation. Attendees will be guided step by step on how to produce effective map visualisations with QGIS. 

Session 1 - Friday 26th March, 14:00 - 15:30

Getting Started: 

1. Brief familiarization with QGIS, installing plugins and web base maps. 

2. A review of cartographic and visualisation principles to be reinforced with each exercise. 

Visualising Point Data: 

Bringing in a point data file from excel and exploring more advanced cartographic styles. 

1. Proportional Symbols 

2. Heat Maps (turning points to raster surfaces) 

a. Basic for visualisation 

b. Advanced for analysis 

3. Turning points into choropleths 

a. Counting points within boundaries and grids 

b. Normalising and Visualising the results 

Session 2 - Monday 29th March, 14:00 - 15:30

Visualising Area Data: 

Using election results to explore advanced representations. “Land doesn’t vote”, so how can we represent the density or volume of a phenomena rather than the extent that it occurs over: 

1. Hexmaps / Cartograms 

a. Warping or redrawing boundaries to better show votes rather than area 

2. Dot Density Maps 

a. Representing votes as points on a map 

3. Prism Maps (3D) 

a. Creating 3D visualisations for export to the web 

Temporal Mapping: 

Using QGIS’ temporal controller to show change in data. 

1. Animating Points 

2. Animating Heat maps 

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