Book Launch: The Culture & Communities Mapping Project

The Culture & Communities Mapping Project book cover

About the event:

Morgan Currie, Lecturer in Science, Technology & Innovation Studies, and Melisa Miranda Correa, PhD in Landscape Architecture, will read sections from their 2021 book The Culture & Communities Mapping Project (Palgrave). The book describes three years of using maps as an object of study and a method of research in the City of Edinburgh. Chapters discuss the theoretical foundations of cultural mapping and illustrate a variety of iterative mapping procedures and visual methodologies, from online virtual tours to photo elicitation, to capture the voices of inhabitants and their distinctive perspectives. Throughout, the authors reflect critically on how, through the processes of mapping, we create knowledge about space, place, community and culture.


The event will also feature talks by

Vikki Jones, Research Associate at Creative Informatics, discussing the event Future Culture Edinburgh, held in 2021 to prioritise community and under-represented voices and to open up conversation with stakeholders from across the city to imagine favourable futures for culture and inspire collective action.

Liz McFall presenting "We don't do digital, we dig it all": Experimenting with ‘Data Civics’ methods to support urban regeneration in Granton, Edinburgh. Liz will discuss initial observations from her latest project with Addie McGowan and Vassilis Galanos focussing on North Edinburgh, and the Granton shoreline area in particular. They draw inspiration from Patrick Geddes’ appropriation of the ‘camera obscura’, reimaging it for the contemporary context. The aim is to ‘see’ urban space from multiple perspectives and platforms, in environmental, governmental, technological, cultural and economic context.


The seminar talks will be followed by a drinks reception.


1 Crichton Street



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