research adaptation workshops

The Centre for Data, Culture & Society and the Research Office of the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences are developing a programme of online workshops focused on adapting approaches to research in the context of ongoing remote and hybrid working.  Although the vaccination programme appears to be making a positive impact in the UK, COVID-19 will be a global problem for some years to come and it is important that researchers plan to ensure their projects are pandemic-proof going forward.   

These workshops will focus on research areas that have been significantly impacted by social distancing measures. They will bring together colleagues with varying levels of experience in adapting their research so that we can learn from the experience of our community, understand the barriers and explore ways of supporting research adaptation over the medium term. While there is now a considerable amount of general resources and guidance available, we want to explore what is required locally for our community to move forward and invest in developing hybrid and remote research methods. 

Each workshop will be discussion-based and aim to surface barriers, discuss ways of tackling challenges, and explore the gaps and potential of remote research methods. Case studies will be circulated in advance, and we welcome proposals from those with relevant projects.  


library with reading desk

Archives & Access

22nd June: 15:00 - 17:00

While lots of collections have been digitised in recent years, many research projects rely on physical access to materials held in libraries, archives, and museums. Some researchers will have found ways to work with librarians and archivists to take their work forward over the last year, others will have had to adapt their research focus and questions. Those who find themselves making use of digital collections may also be exploring new data-led techniques such as a text analysis and visualisation.  In this workshop we will consider the issues in doing archival research via remote and hybrid working. 

Workshop Materials

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Participatory, observation & face to face research

23rd June: 15:00 - 17:00

From focus groups and interviews to psychology experiments, many research methods involve the participation of human subjects.  This can sometimes involve groups that are particularly vulnerable, such as children, or who may struggle with access to online platforms. While meeting face to face can encourage the development of rapport and trust, the same may not be true on screen. However, using digital platforms and tools allows researchers to reach new participant groups and sometimes to capture more data than they would in real life. Digital technologies such as simulation and virtual reality also afford new potential methods. In this workshop we will focus on adapting to and capitalising on digital tools for participatory research.  

Workshop materials

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Outreach, knowledge exchange & exhibitions 

29th June: 15:00 - 17:00

Engaging stakeholders and the public is an important aspect of most research projects, and a key research practice for artists and curators. At the moment, however, hosting lectures and events in the flesh and putting up exhibitions and research displays in physical locations is difficult. While some aspects can be easily shifted to online platforms, there can be challenges and losses inherent in this shift. On the other hand, however, digital engagement also opens out some exciting new potential in terms of visual presentation and interactivity.  Join us to explore the issues involved in conducting outreach and hosting exhibitions under socially distanced conditions.

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