Autumn 2023 Training Programme

We are delighted to announce the CDCS Training Programme for Autumn 2023.   

Our training programme supports researchers across the College of Humanities and Social Sciences in developing applied digital skills. We cover a range of skill levels and a whole host of topics from introductory coding classes to more specialised workshops on data analysis. We concentrate our beginner-level courses in semester one so that you can progress with the programme and develop your skills over the course of the year.  

Our standard training events are workshops and courses: these events can be one-off sessions, or up to 3 sessions over a few weeks. All our workshops and courses are hands-on events so they will often require some preparation (installation of software, downloading of teaching material, etc.).

We also offer other types of training and support for researchers: 

  • Silent Disco events. These are asynchronous learning sessions, where attendees will be pointed to tutorial content that they can work through at their own pace. An instructor will be available via Microsoft Teams chat to help with issues and further questions on the topic/training.  

  •  Digital Method of the Month meetings. These are one-hour sessions where we discuss the practicalities of specific methods. This is a great space to learn about new methods and find out about their associated benefits and pitfalls, to help you figure out if this method is suitable for your own research project  

  • Data Surgeries. These trouble-shooting meetings are aimed at researchers who are in the process of applying digital and data-driven methods to their research and are looking for some specific advice or help from fellow researchers.  

  • Training Pathways. The world of digital research methods can offer overwhelming possibilities so, with the help of researchers that have already implemented digital methods in their own work, we are building a series of pathways that will guide beginners through the steps and concepts they need to master new methodologies. 

We also provide additional support for PhD students and ECRs through networking events, affiliation schemes and more: Find out more about support and resources that CDCS offers for PhD students

As always, we appreciate your feedback. If you have any comments or suggestions, please get in touch at


You can find the full list of training for the semester below: