Autumn 2022 Training Programme: Registrations Open

We are pleased to announce our Training Programme for Autumn 2022.

You can find a list of all upcoming events on our Training Homepage, where it is now also possible to filter our training based on the level of difficulty, the type of training, and the topics covered. This semester's training programme ranges from introductory courses on programming to hands-on workshops on 3D printing. 

Our standard training events are workshops and courses. Workshops are self-contained and last between one to three hours. Our courses are longer training events comprised of two to four classes. All our workshops and courses are hands-on events so they will often require some preparation (installation of software, downloading of teaching material, etc.)

Around half of our programme will be delivered remotely (via Teams) and the other half will take place in person at the Digital Scholarship Centre on the top floor of the Central Library. Please make sure to check if the training you intend to attend will take place remotely or in person. 

CDCS also offers other types of training and support for the CAHSS researchers:

  • Silent Disco events. These are asynchronous learning sessions where attendees will be pointed to tutorial content that they can work through at their own pace. An instructor will be available via Microsoft Teams chat to help with issues and further questions on the topic/training. 

  • Digital Method of the Month meetings. These are one-hour sessions where we discuss the practicalities of a specific methods. This is a great space to learn about new methods and find out about their associated benefits and pitfalls, to help you figure out if this method is suitable for your own research project 

  • Data Surgery meetings. These meetings are aimed at researchers who are in the process of applying digital and data-driven methods to their research and are looking for some advice and support from fellow researchers. 

If you would like to know more about CDCS training and the semester programme, join us at our Training Information Sessions on Tuesday 20th September at 13:00 (Online) and Wednesday 21st September at 13:00 (In-person).