TEI By Example Tutorials Hosted by University of Edinburgh, Advisory Committee Confirmed

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TEI By Example tutorials are currently being moved to University of Edinburgh servers for the long-term sustainability of these training materials. Since 2009, the site’s tutorials have been used in Digital Humanities teaching worldwide.  

TEI by Example offers a series of free online tutorials that walk individuals through the different stages of marking up a document in XML using the standards developed by the Text Encoding Initiative.  

The Centre for Data, Culture & Society was pleased to provide small grant funding to the TEI By Example initiative, enabling an upgrade to its training materials and website infrastructure in Summer 2020. The upgrade undertaken by the original TBE team, Edward Vanhoutte and Ron Van den Branden with input from Melissa Terras, involved improvements to the website’s back end such as setting up a git workflow, allowing the site code to be shared in a publicly available repository, and incorporating infrastructure that can accommodate translation into other languages. 


The TEI By Example Advisory Committee has gained several new members following a call for applications in October 2020. 

TEI By Example International Advisory Committee 2020: 

  •  Dr Emily Bell 

School of English, University of Leeds – UK 

  • Lou Burnard 

Editor TEI Guidelines 

  • Dr James Cummings 

School of English, Newcastle University - UK 

  • Dr Lucy Hinnie 

Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, University of Saskatchewan – Canada 

  • Dr Kevin McMullen 

Department of English, University of Nebraska-Lincoln - USA 

  • Dr Fiona Mowat 

Europeana Foundation, Den Haag - Netherlands 

  • Dr Robyn Pritzker 

Information Services Group, University of Edinburgh – UK 

  • Joey Takeda 

Digital Humanities Innovation Lab, Simon Fraser University - Canada 

  • Tristan Taylor 

Department of English, University of Saskatchewan - Canada 

  • Inmaculada Ureña-Asensio 

Departamento de Filología Inglesa, Universidad de Jaén - Spain 


Project Team: 

Directors: Melissa Terras and Edward Vanhoutte 

Executive Project Officer: Ron Van den Branden