Launch of the Meme Studies Research Network

Meme Studies Research Network logo
Idil Galip

The Meme Studies Research Network, an international and interdisciplinary network for scholars and creatives who study memes, was recently founded by University of Edinburgh PhD candidate, Idil Galip. 

The network is currently planning to develop and distribute monthly curated newsletters, which will be curated by members. Each newsletter will explore different themes, methodologies, and theoretical standpoints relating to the study of memes. The aim of sharing these newsletters is to make the network’s growing index of meme studies resources more accessible, and to put these resources into context. 

Idil Galip, who founded the research network, described how this academic space developed: 

I’m currently finishing up my doctoral thesis about the digital labour of niche meme creators on Instagram. Throughout my studies I rarely encountered other meme researchers in academic settings, and couldn’t find a meme researchers’ network to join. The researchers I did meet all shared the problem of feeling disconnected from other scholars who study memes. We wanted to discuss our research in depth and learn from each other's methods and perspectives but couldn’t find the ideal setting for it.  

With these issues in mind, I posted a meme studies reading list on Twitter in November and eventually decided to set up a network for those who expressed an interest in co-editing this list. This idea then evolved into the Meme Studies Research Network, an interdisciplinary network interested in expanding and developing the meme studies canon. 

The network has now established a reading lista website a twitter page, and a discord server. If you would like to become a member of the network, please visit the website and request a link to the Meme Studies Research Network discord server.