Silent Disco: Building a static website with Jekyll and GitHub Pages

Our 'Silent Discos' are based on tutorials from the Programming Historian website.

Participants will meet for a brief introduction to the subject, and then you'll work on your skills at your own pace. The facilitator will be available in Teams Chat to reply to any questions that arise during the workshop and help troubleshoot or explain issues.

In this lesson you will learn about how to create an entirely free, easy-to-maintain, preservation-friendly, secure website over which you have full control, such as a scholarly blog, project website, or personal online portfolio to boost research collaborations or even career prospects. At the end of this lesson, you’ll have a basic live website where you can publish content that other people can visit, and you’ll also have some resources to explore if you want to further customize the site. You will only need a GitHub account and your computer. 

Those who have booked their place will receive an email with full details and a link to take part in advance of the live session.