Introduction to Managing Digitalised Documents

The International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) is a community-led approach to standardised image delivery. Its aims are to produce uniform, rich access to media wherever it is hosted; to produce APIs that support interoperability, and to produce tools that improve the user experience around viewing, comparing, manipulating, and annotating images. 

The Library and University Collections department at the University of Edinburgh have embraced IIIF, and are heavily invested in its use, as consortium members. In this workshop, Scott Renton and Mike Bennett will give an overview of the IIIF concepts, and Edinburgh's deployment and progress in the field, from simple image manipulation and deep zoom to search and annotation. There will be opportunities to get hands-on with the technology and to try things out for yourself.  

The workshop will be held via Zoom. 

12:00-12:10: IIIF Overview 

12:10-12:30: Working with digitised data (Image and Presentation APIs) 

12:30-12:45: Search API and OCR 

12:45-13:00: Q&A 

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