Introduction to Network Analysis with Gephi

Network Analysis


In Person

This three-session course introduces attendees to Gephi, a free and open-source network analysis and visualisation tool. The main focus will be on social network analysis. This is a beginner’s course, no prior knowledge is required, and no coding will be used in class.

The first session introduces the basic concepts and techniques of Gephi and dataset construction. It focuses on topics such as:

  • Gephi’s basic concepts (edge characteristics and centrality measures)
  •  Preparing data for Gephi in Microsoft Excel
  • Analysing social networks in Gephi (centrality and network level analyses)

The second session focuses on the plugins of Gephi, and will continue the discussion on dataset construction, the topics will include:

  • Introducing some Gephi’s plugins (GeoLayout and ExportToEarth)
  • Designing the attendees own dataset for Gephi in Microsoft Excel

The third session offers attendees the opportunity to apply their own dataset in Gephi.

The course helps to develop a foundational understanding of Gephi’s use in social network analysis and visualisation. It will enable attendees to confidently use Gephi in their current and future research.

This is a beginner level workshop. No previous knowledge on the topic is required/expected and the trainer will cover the basics of the method.

Those who have registered to take part will receive an email with full details in advance of the start time.


This course will be taught by Brian Wong.

After taking part in this event, you may decide that you need some further help in applying what you have learnt to your research. If so, you can book a Data Surgery meeting with one of our training fellows.

More details about Data Surgeries.

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