The Scottish Feminist Judgments Podcast: Rethinking Historical Legal Cases from a Feminist Perspective

Scottish Feminist Judgements Podcast cover art and text: Is the law neutral, and does it serve us all equally?
Mashup of graphics created by Rachel Donaldson (Courtesy of Gabrielle Blackburn)

In August 2020, The Scottish Feminist Judgments Project (SFJP) launched a podcast series that discusses famous - and infamous - Scottish court cases from a feminist perspective. 

The Scottish Feminist Judgments Podcast is a four-part series that explores the work detailed in the project’s recent publication, Scottish Feminist Judgments: (Re)Creating Law from the Outside In, and thinks about how the project’s lessons can be applied more widely. Contributors to the publication have taken past legal judgments and explored how they can be re-written, showing how the outcomes or reasoning could have been different if the original judges had adopted a feminist perspective in their rulings. 

While the book was written primarily to inform legal academics, practitioners and students, the podcast series - written and produced by Gabrielle Blackburn and Amrita Ahluwalia - has taken its contents and made it accessible to a wider audience via this podcast medium.  

Dr Chloë Kennedy, Senior Lecturer in Criminal Law at Edinburgh Law School and one of the coordinators of the Scottish Feminist Judgments Project, commented on the desired impact of the podcast series: 

My hope is that these podcasts will help raise awareness about the role that perspective and lived experience play in shaping how law and other systems of power operate.

All episodes of the Scottish Feminist Judgments Podcast are available via podcast platforms.