Online Exhibition Launch: "We began as part of the body"

As part of the Being Human Festival, Inspace is hosting a digital exhibition online throughout the latter half of November, titled We began as part of the body.

Featuring a short film and an augmented reality app, the online exhibition is accompanied by a 7-screen version of the film, projected onto the Inspace City Screen from the 12th to the 30th November, between 3pm and 10pm each evening.

The exhibition is a multi-component digital artwork inspired the eczema genetic research laboratory of Professor Sara Brown, (University of Dundee) where Beverley Hood (University of Edinburgh) undertook an ASCUS Art & Science artist residency in 2017. The residency involved spend time observing the activities of the lab and the organotypic artificial skin cells, which are at once both real and synthetic. Taken from an actual person, the cells are processed and maintained outside of the body, and genetic compositions are changed, tweaked, to create eczema skin.

The artwork combines microscopy, digital scanning and speech synthesis to create an augmented reality and filmic experience that leads the audience along the cells’ three- week-long ‘in-vitro’ life, from operating theatre, to lab, to disposal. The artwork was funded by the Arts & Ethics Research Group, Wellcome Trust, Creative Scotland, Edinburgh College of Art and the University of Edinburgh.

This event is part of the Being Human Festival's ‘Visualising Bodies’ series, organised by the Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society at the University of Edinburgh.