Launch of the PeaceFem App: Inclusive Strategies for Influencing Peace Agreements

Peacefem launch event poster; all details in text.
PeaceFem (UN Women, InclusivePeace, Monash University Gender, Peace and Security Centre, & University of Edinburgh Political Settlements Research Programme)

PeaceFem is a newly-launched app that brings together data on women and peacemaking in English and Arabic, and contributes to the growing field of PeaceTech. Intended for use by women’s rights advocates, mediation and negotiation teams, as well as others working in peace and security, the app shares strategies for influencing peace processes, resulting gender-sensitive provisions in agreements, and their implementation. 

On Tuesday 30th June, the PeaceFem app was launched in a virtual online event, attended by over 180 people from around the world. The launch was presented both in English and in Arabic. 

Christine Bell, Professor of Constitutional Law at Edinburgh Law School, commented on engagement with the event: 

We were delighted to launch the PeaceFem app in a global event. Like the app itself, the launch was bi-lingual – it was great that comments and feedback came in both in English and in Arabic. Part of the app’s purpose is to act as an inspiration for women who are caught up in some of the most violent and enduring conflicts in the world in the Middle East. The first Women Chief lead negotiator in a peace process, Miram Coronel-Ferrer (Chief negotiator in the peace process between the Philippines and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front), commended the app and said she wished she had had it.

PeaceFem is a collaboration between UN WomenInclusivePeace, the Monash University Gender, Peace and Security Centre, and the Political Settlements Research Programme at the University of Edinburgh.