Interdisciplinary Expertise at 'Illicit Antiquities Trade on Social Media' Workshop

Illicit Antiquities Trade on Social Media
Original image courtesy of Zsuzsanna Végh; graphic mashup created using Canva

On the 24th January 2020, the Illicit Antiquities Trade on Social Media workshop took place at the University of Edinburgh. The event was co-hosted by the Edinburgh Centre for Data, Culture & Society, the Edinburgh Futures Institute, and the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH).

The workshop, led by Zsuzsanna Végh who is a postdoctoral fellow at IASH, aimed to bring together archaeologists, criminologists and representatives of law enforcement to discuss the social context of antiquity trafficking, the tools used for finding and analysing trafficking data effectively, and the various methods used to keep pace with the ever-changing platforms commonly used. Audience members attended a full day's programme of 12 presentations by experts in their respective fields.

The event was attended by 13 presenters, 3 chairs and 40 audience members. Presenters came from the UK (British Museum, UCL, University of Oxford, University of Glasgow, University of Edinburgh, Treasure Trove Unit and Police Scotland), the Netherlands (Maastricht University), Sweden (Museum of Ethnography, Stockholm), Italy (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Norwegian Institute in Rome) and the USA (directors of the Athar Project). The majority of the audience came from the University of Edinburgh, University of Glasgow and the University of Sterling, but the event also attracted audience members who are senior representatives of the German and Latvian law enforcement.