CDCS Digital Research Sandpit

Digital Research Sandpit

The Centre for Data, Culture and Society is excited to announce that applications are now open for the CDCS Digital Research Sandpit, aimed at supporting innovative early-stage digital research projects. 

Work with our experienced team of research technologists in a dynamic process that encourages experimentation and learning. At the sandpit, you'll have the opportunity to test ideas, create prototypes, explore requirements and lay the technical foundation for your project. 

Our team of research software engineers and academics offers diverse expertise in various project types, from text mining to interactive maps and network visualizations. Whether you have a novel research idea or wish to enhance an existing project, our sandpit is the place to bring your digital aspirations to life. You don't need all the details figured out—just an initial concept. We'll help you transform it into a realistic project. 

Participants in our sandpit have the unique opportunity to access small project funding to bolster their research. This funding can be used for procuring essential components such as relevant datasets, specialized software, and necessary equipment. Additionally, it can be utilized to secure the assistance of research assistants who can contribute their expertise and support to your project.  With flexible support and resources in place, we're aiming to empower you to make substantial progress in your digital research journey over a short period of time. 



In tandem with this initiative CDCS continues to offer a range of other avenues for support. We provide a number of bursaries designed to facilitate the development of digital and computational skills. These bursaries enable recipients to participate in a variety of enriching events, such as workshops, summer schools, and scholarly training sessions. We also offer the CDCS training program, which is researcher-led and caters to arts, humanities, and social sciences. We provide diverse learning opportunities, including coding basics, hands-on sessions, collaborative projects, and in-depth explorations of digital methods.