CDCS DataShare Site Launched: Open Data from LiDAR Scans Now Available

LiDAR Scan of 55-60 George Square during Edinburgh Festival
Nick Mols; Asad Khan; Mike Boyd
Centre for Data, Culture & Society Datashare Collection "LiDAR Scans"

A DataShare site has recently been launched, providing open data available from the Centre for Data, Culture & Society. Researchers visiting the site can now access and use a collection of data collated by University of Edinburgh researchers working with LiDAR technology. It is planned that other datasets will be made available through the CDCS DataShare site in the near future. 

LiDAR - Light Detection And Ranging - is a surveying method that uses is a remote sensing method that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure distance. Data collected via this method can be used to create 3D digital representations of physical surface characteristics. The University of Edinburgh’s uCreate Studio and the Centre for Data, Culture and Society have two portable Leica BLK360 LiDAR scanners which can be loaned to staff and students, following training in their use. The datasets maintained within this collection have been available to be used by others in their research and art practices. 

Edinburgh DataShare is a digital repository of research data produced at the University of Edinburgh, hosted by Information Services. Researchers are invited to upload their dataset to the DataShare platform for sharing and safekeeping, promoting open access to research data among the Edinburgh research community. 

Visit the CDCS DataShare site 

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