Announcing the Digital Social Science Research Cluster

Map of cultural amenities in Edinburgh
Map courtesy of Morgan Currie (Edinburgh Cultural Mapping Project)

We’re delighted to announce that our fourth research cluster, Digital Social Science, has been officially launched today. Led by Dr Karen Gregory, Dr Morgan Currie and Dr Kate Miltner of the School of Social and Political Sciences, the cluster focuses on teaching and research in the digital social sciences.  

As research around the world is pivoting in response to the new contexts and concerns emerging as a result of the global Covid-19 pandemic, the cluster’s current focus is helping researchers navigate this change by sharing examples of projects that illustrate the uses and challenges posed by digital methods.  

The brand new cluster webpage showcases current information on available tools and methods, in order to make them more accessible within the field. Adopting an innovative ‘methods lab’ approach, the cluster showcases how researchers conduct their ground-breaking research projects, and explores the mechanics of tools and data-led research in order to de-mystify such processes.  

In the next academic year, the cluster aims to curate a programme of speakers who will lead us through their projects, explaining their decisions and rationale so that we can better grasp everything that goes into digital social science.