Workshop: Documenting Your Digital Methods

Many people are using digital methods, but few of them are thinking seriously about documenting what they’re doing, both for themselves and for others. This workshop provides an introduction to technical writing, audience, and thinking sustainably about method. It will include both a why and a how component.

It is suitable for social science and digital humanities researchers at any level who are working on a research project that includes a process – digital, statistical, or physical, and for which remembering the exact process may be important in future.

Before taking the full plunge, spend a few hours with us to get to know the why, how, and how nots of good technical writing in the humanities and social sciences. At the end of the workshop, you'll optionally have a chance to produce and get feedback on an outline of work you're hoping to more fully document.

No prior knowledge assumed.

Please note that while the remote tutorial will take place on Wednesday 27 May, some preparatory work must be completed in advance (will take approx. 2 hours to complete).