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We are creating an environment in which ideas can become reality and in which connections and interchange strengthen our community and our research. From early stage advice to troubleshooting and one-off data surgeries, CDCS is there to support to researchers throughout their data-led and digital research projects. We look for opportunities to help researchers develop useful connections and collaborative partnerships, and help facilitate access to technical expertise across the University.  

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Incubating new ideas

Trying a small pilot or building a prototype can be a really useful way to test and scope out digital project requirements, and demonstrate that an idea is feasible. This year we experimented with a new support format to help projects at early stages, with the launch of our Rapid Prototyping Sandpit. We put out an open call asking researchers with digital projects to pitch for some time with our technical team, and then walked them through the process of defining requirements, paper prototyping and then developing minimum viable products. We had a great response to our call and, although not all projects went on to develop prototypes, we were able to assist everyone who applied in outlining and clarifying their next steps.

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15 sandpit applications

15 researchers applied to take part.


8 sandpit projects supported

Eight projects were suitable for the sandpit.


4 prototypes developed

We built four prototypes over the summer.


10 data surgeries

Research data surgeries


Our team offers one-to-one advice to help troubleshoot and get researchers through tricky moments in their project. With a network across disciplines and schools, we can also draw on the experience and knowledge of our community.  This year we assisted ten researchers on topics as diverse as rhino models, geo-referencing, statistical modelling and textual analysis.  


Ensuring long term sustainability

Our research technologist has been ensuring the sustainability of long term projects by:

LAEME image

collaborating to re-develop the database for the Linguistic Atlas of Late Mediaeval English online project. 

logo of the Scottish Survey of Witchcraft project

updating the technical infrastructure on which the Scottish Survey of Witchcraft project operates.

IASH Fellowships 2022-23

Nate Dominy 2023
Digital Scholarship Visiting Research Fellow

Prof Nathaniel Dominy

Paleo Visions of Chauvet Cave: A Virtual Reality (VR) Experience at the Intersection of Art, Anthropology, and Digital Humanities.

Dipali Mathur 2022
Digital Scholarship Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr Dipali Mathur

'Rematerializing' the Digital: Governmentality and the Environment Consequences of Life Online.

Annie Webster
Digital Scholarship Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr Annie Webster

Stories of the Syrian New Scots: Dispersed Geographies and Digital Storytelling in COVID-19 Refugee Arts​.