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We pride ourselves on our momentum and this years numbers continue to reflect growth and lots of engagement.  We're working out how best to support our online audiences as we also return to more in-person events, and working out how to balance and make the most of these two spheres. We have more affiliates than ever and maintain our connections with CAHSS Schools and our broader community. Our mailing list has also grown, with over 200 new subscribers this year. As our community becomes more established, we're seeing more return visitors to our website and growing engagement on social media. Our work and community continues to develop as we move forward, and we're excited for what the future holds. 

25 affiliates

Our affiliate programme grew further this year and we now have twenty-five affiliates.

8 sandpit projects supported

Our newly introduced Rapid Prototyping Sandpit supported eight projects.

6 training bursaries

We supported six members of our community in receiving external training through our bursary scheme.

1533 subscribers to our mailing list

We have expanded our reach with our newsletter now reaching one thousand five hundred and thirty three people.

11 schools represented in the core team

Our core team now represents eleven schools.

29 members of the stakeholders forum

We pride ourselves on being community led and our stakeholder forum now has twenty-nine members.

10 data surgeries

We supported ten researchers using digital methods through our data surgeries this year.

4 prototypes developed

With the support of the Centre four digital prototypes were created.

15 sandpit applications

We had fifteen projects apply for the support of our Rapid Prototyping Sandpit.

14 events, 649 registrations


We had a spread of online and in person events this year and had six hundred and forty-nine registrations over fourteen different events.

64 courses, 1070 registrations


While continuing to provide sixty-four training events this year registrations increased by over thirty-five% to one thousand and seventy.

Audience Breakdown pie chart showing percentage of website visitors

Audience Breakdown

While the majority of our audience is UK based, we had a global reach this year with the remaining audience coming from US, China, Germany and India.

Graph showing the number of website visits by month from May 2022 to July 2023

Website Visits

At its peak this year, our website had over two thousand visits in one month.

Visitor Breakdown showing number of website visitors, returning visitors and page views

Visitor Breakdown

We saw a significant increase in the number of returning website visitors this year compared to last year.

Social media followers, impressions and engagement rate

Social Media

Our social media presence has grown as well as an increase in our engagement rate.

Piechart showing budget breakdowns