We investigate the rapidly changing role of data in communication, as well as digital media more broadly.  

We take a unique, interdisciplinary approach to this work, bringing together media experts from across the College and beyond. 

Some of our members take media and communications as their object of study, whilst others engage in research as a form of media practice.

Our outlook is global. We study Scottish and British media, as well as media in Africa, East and South Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and the Pacific.  

We are all profoundly interested in meaning-making, trust and the exercise of power.

This cluster is led by Dr Kate Wright.

Featured Research



As a filmmaker and researcher, Dr Itandehui Jansen is interested in the interrelation between fiction and documentary and in the synergy between film theory and practice. Her research focuses on indigenous film and community film-making in Mexico

Her films have screened at many different international film festivals, and have won several international award, such as the Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival and the Morelia International Film Festival.Her short film The Last Council received several international awards and was nominated to the Mexican Film Critics Award Diosa de Plata in 2013.

Her most recent film project In Times of Rain combines a fictional approach with documentary elements and counts with the support of the Mexican Council for Arts and Culture (CONACULTA) for script development.