We investigate the rapidly changing role of data in communication, as well as digital media more broadly.  

We take a unique, interdisciplinary approach to this work, bringing together media experts from across the College and beyond. 

Some of our members take media and communications as their object of study, whilst others engage in research as a form of media practice.

Our outlook is global. We study Scottish and British media, as well as media in Africa, East and South Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and the Pacific.  

We are all profoundly interested in meaning-making, trust and the exercise of power.

This cluster is led by Dr Kate Wright.

Featured Research: Dr George Karekwaivanane


George Karekwaivanane’s research interests focus on investigating the diverse ways that digital media is reshaping social, political and economic life in Africa. His work investigates how people communicate digitally about politics and mobilisation in authoritarian political contexts.

George's work also explores the ways that law and legal struggles can be used to shed light on social and political processes in African history, in the context of intersections between law, politics and society in Zimbabwe.

George is an editor of the Journal of Southern African Studies. His monograph, The Struggle over State Power in Zimbabwe: Law and Politics since 1950, was published by Cambridge University Press in 2017. His most recent publication, titled 'Zimbabwe: Legal Practitioners, Politics and Transformation Since 1980', features in Lawyers in 21st Century Societies, Vol 1 (2020).